Thursday, 24 March 2011

What has Alien Dave been doing?

Well, we have been busy again in Year 3. We have been learning about letters in our literacy lessons and we are working on measuring in Numeracy. I have got some of my friends to help me tell you about it.

First Faria is going to tell you about today's maths lesson.

Today we have been learning how to measure objects outside and inside. The chooser chose the object to do and told the measurer what tools we needed. The measurer had to measure the things that were on the sheet. The scribe wrote what amount it measured. Here is Alien Dave helping us.

The other day our reader of the week was Khatiba and she took me to the library as part of her reward.

We had to make a chatterbox and Alien Dave was watching me make the chatterbox. Then Alien Dave chose the books for me so that then I can write the books on a sheet of paper.
Not only that but we had a special visitor to our P.E. lesson.

Mr Harrison came to join in with our Just Dance competition. He put trainers on his feet and he wore a golf top. When he was dancing he was very hot and sweaty. Mr Harrison found it really hard to dance and copy the person on the screen.

I hope that more of my friends will help me to update this blog soon as my tenticles are only small.


  1. I like how 3RO seem to working collaboratively in their maths lessons, that is fantastic to hear. You must have really persevered in that measuring activity Dave with such small tenticles.

    If you need any help please ask Sameer or Iqra in 6JC as they have been doing a lot of work for Mrs Conway and are absolutely fantastic when it comes to blogging.

  2. I want to dance.Can you teach me how to dance Mr Harrison?

  3. I'm very glad that you Dave behaved yourself and was useful to the children. Which books did you choose?

  4. Was alien dave dancing with mr Harrison if he was he would be sweating like mr Harrison.Poor mr Harrison needs a rest after dancing.

  5. Hello Alien dave,
    did you like my letter?
    when is it your birthday?well,i realy like you.Do you like me? did you like just dance on monday?Because i did. Oh and did you like mesuring? I did it was realy so ever fun!!! ok bye,bye.

  6. can you teach me to dance Mr Harrison please

  7. will you dance with alien dave i just like it.