Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Count Arthur says goodbye to Year 6

Near the end of term Year 6 went with their teachers and Mr Harrison to Lightwater Valley. It was a fantastic day out with brilliant sunshine and lots of laughs and happy memories. Count Arthur was very pleased to be shown around the park by Khadeejah, Amna and Sannah as he hadn't been before. He laughed when he saw the big Year 6 boys on the spinning tea-cups and was a little disappointed that the Ultimate rollercoaster was closed for maintenance but he had a great day out.

Count Arthur goes on holiday

Count Arthur is a very excited class pet today. So excited he couldn't even eat his dinner. It has taken all day to get ready. He has packed and re-packed his bag three times as he is a little unsure of what to take on his desert adventure to the Kalahari. To help make his mind up Mrs Conway allowed him to surf the internet to read up on where he was going. Some of the places he is visiting include Sossusvlei, Damaraland, the Kalahari, Swakopmund, Etosha and Windhoek.

He finally decided that he better take some sun cream and a hat, even though it is winter there it will still be quite warm, however, he really doesn't understand why it is winter in Namibia when it is summer here in sunny old Bradford. Can anyone help explain it to him?

Count Arthur hopes to blog to you about his holidays with Mrs Conway and her two children Shona and Sean but if you don't hear from him keep your fingers crossed that he hasn't been eaten by a lion whilst camping out.