Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Monday, 28 March 2011

We went to Year 6 on Friday and really enjoyed a game of hide and seek with Bitsy! Hasan and Nabeel joined in too

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Count Arthur and Bitsy locked up!

The police came to visit Miriam Lord Community Primary school on Thursday and parked in the playground for the Foundation Stage children to visit. However, at playtime, the Key Stage 2 children and the class pets couldnt resist poking around the police van either. The policeman was very friendly and showed everyone around the van. There was even a mini jail cell in the back of the van with bars and everything!

Count Arthur and Bitsy climbed onto the roof of the van (they were a bit giddy) so were locked up in the cell! Luckily, it was only a joke and the police man did let them out again but let them know that you should never jump on the top of vehicles as it's very dangerous and you could get hurt. Phew!

Count Arthur and Bitsy visit the police van on PhotoPeach

Alan & Susie visit the Artist's workshop

Alan and Susie heard about an artist's workshop going on in the group room on Thursday and sneaked out of the morning lessons to spend time with the artist and the school councillors.

Alan and Susie visit the artist's workshop on PhotoPeach

I wonder if one of the school councillors could let us know what was happening at the workshop and leave us some comments?

Alan's big tree planting adventure

Last week Alan went with the school council to our new grounds on Drummond Road to plant some trees. It was a very exciting adventure as he hadn't walked through Manningham before. Unfortunately his little legs couldn't keep up with those Year 6's but don't panic, those school councillors noticed this right away and gave him his first ever ride in a wheelbarrow!

The first trees have now been planted on the site and everyone is very excited about how the site is going to develop. Alan said that it was a very productive afternoon and he was very pleased to have been invited to take part.

Although Alan got to go and visit the site and help out, apparently Ron the Rooster was actually involved in designing the project site find out more by clicking here

Planting trees on the Drummond Road site on PhotoPeach

Friday, 25 March 2011

Governors' day in school.

On Thursday 24th March 2011, we had a Governors' day in school.
Lots of Governors came in and spent the day looking around school, helping in the classrooms and meeting the staff, children and pets.
Bitsy met the Chair of Governors, Mr Adam Getliff, and parent Governor, Mr Yawer Ahmed.

I really liked Mr Getliff. I sat on his knee during lunch and had a little nibble of the lovely sandwiches and cakes in the staffroom. Mr Ahmed was just coming into school after looking at our new playground equipment in Key Stage 2 two. He was really nice too.
He came into year 6 in the afternoon while we were doing art. I really hope they will come again soon!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

What has Alien Dave been doing?

Well, we have been busy again in Year 3. We have been learning about letters in our literacy lessons and we are working on measuring in Numeracy. I have got some of my friends to help me tell you about it.

First Faria is going to tell you about today's maths lesson.

Today we have been learning how to measure objects outside and inside. The chooser chose the object to do and told the measurer what tools we needed. The measurer had to measure the things that were on the sheet. The scribe wrote what amount it measured. Here is Alien Dave helping us.

The other day our reader of the week was Khatiba and she took me to the library as part of her reward.

We had to make a chatterbox and Alien Dave was watching me make the chatterbox. Then Alien Dave chose the books for me so that then I can write the books on a sheet of paper.
Not only that but we had a special visitor to our P.E. lesson.

Mr Harrison came to join in with our Just Dance competition. He put trainers on his feet and he wore a golf top. When he was dancing he was very hot and sweaty. Mr Harrison found it really hard to dance and copy the person on the screen.

I hope that more of my friends will help me to update this blog soon as my tenticles are only small.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mr Harrison visits 5MB

Hi from Romulus and Remus, Mr Harrison came into 5MB this week to teach a Literacy lesson, I dont think he knew we were watching behind him! He read a story called The Iron Man which was very interesting, the lesson was pacey and full of content and good ideas, we all enjoyed it, we hope he comes to see us again.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

Well, what an exciting time it has been here in 3RO. I have been so busy that I have barely had time to write!!

Pancake day came and went and all of the children and I learnt about why a lot of the humans in this country celebrate Pancake Day. We chatted about what we would all give up, I said that I would find it very difficult to give up chocolate and Mrs O'Hara said that that was the point! Then I got to cook my very own pancake, Mrs O'Hara had to toss it though as my tenticles are not strong enough. Eventually I got to eat it and I had some lemon and sugar on the top. It was DELICIOUS!

To work off all the calories that I gained from eating my pancake, I have been joining in with 3RO who have been practising for their just dance competition. I have found it more difficult that I thought but I have kept persevering and I am beginning to see some improvement.


On Friday, as Bitsy has already mentioned, we had some very special visitors. The brought in all sorts of strange contraptions that made different noises. I was very scared of the noise so I stayed at the back, but 3RO enjoyed it immensely and were able to tell me all about the instruments and the different families that they come from.

So as you can see we have been very busy and I haven't even had time to mention about the fantastic data handling work we have been doing in numeracy or the instructions that we have been writing in literacy. I am hoping that some members of 3RO are going to help me tell you all about our other work in my next update.

Bye for now!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Bitsy digs the beat

On Friday morning, Bradford music service came into school and gave a concert. It was fantastic fun.

Bitsy really enjoyed the themes from TV programmes and films - Her favourite was 'Born to be wild' and she couldn't resist getting up and joining in on the cymbals. Alien Dave was there too, but stayed at the back because the noise was a bit much for him.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Wall-e has come from outer space to meet everybody in Year 5.
5 SW and 5MB are currently learning about Space and the Solar system. Wall-e thought that if any children wanted to ask him some questions about space he may be able to help.

You need to be quick though, as he is waiting for a space ship to take him back home, unless Year 5 make him feel welcome, then he may stay a bit longer.

Gertrude the GTP Goat

Hello everyone,
I am Gertrude the GTP goat. I am trying to be a full time goat, and one day hope to have a field of my own. I am currently training very hard to be a real goat.

I am quite new to Miriam Lord, but feel like all my friends there are really making me feel welcome. I hope you will be my friend too.

I can sometimes be found chewing grass in 5SW. I really enjoy literacy and ICT, and there are lots and lots of books for me to read there.

I hope to see you soon

Gertie X

Ron the Rooster

Hello everyone, I wanted to introduce myself and join my friends in the Miriam Lord Zoo.  My name in Ron the Rooster and I live in Mr Harrison's office.  It is my favourite place in school as it is always clean and tidy, unlike where some of my friends live next door.

I have lived at Miriam Lord for a few years, and was here when the new classrooms and offices were built.  Unfortunately, when they were being built, a workman dropped a large brick on my head.  This may seem funny to you, but it has made me very anxious when walking in open spaces.  This is why I am always looking up, and my eyes are a bit funny, but I don't like to talk about it.

My favourite thing in the world is ICT!  Here I am surfing the web and looking on RoosterBook.  I also like keeping in touch with all my friends on twitter.

I am really looking forward to meeting everyone in the Miriam Lord Zoo, hopefully they won't make fun of me.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Can you help Alan the T-Rex?

Alan the T-Rex had a fabulous afternoon today. He went with the school's "Reader of the Week"s to Manningham library for their reward for excellent reading last week. He loved it there and was really happy that Sameer asked if he would like to accompany them all on their trip.

Alan loved looking at all the books and wants to start reading some more, unfortunately there were so many books to read he doesn't know where to start.

Can you recommend a book for a fun loving T-Rex to read?

Please leave a comment with your ideas and why you recommend the book.

Mrs Conway shared one idea with Alan, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan which Year6 know all about after their autumn Greek topic and thinks that Alan would enjoy the action packed chapters and interesting characters. He would be especially interested in those far away lands and adventures at every turn of the page. What do you think?

Barry helping us in science

In 6JC Barry our class pet helped a student in timekeeping. On 7th of March we had a lesson on dissolving.

Barry helped us stir and measure of how much solids and liquids to put in each cup also in each beaker. He was a great help to the group. We had 8 different sorts of solids to test such as: sand and sugar. Barry was an accurate measurer but he didn’t like wearing the name tag. He didn’t like the smell of the cups, especially the cup with gravy granules and water. He was very happy to work with us. We had to write observations, Barry’s observations were very good.

By Sameer and Iqra

Monday, 7 March 2011

Romulus and Remus found sheltering in 5MB!

STOP PRESS!!!! New visitors found earlier today in 5MB

Hi, we are Romulus and Remus, non identical twins. We were born many many years ago in Rome, Italy. Our parents were disappointed that we were not identical so we were adopted by a French couple, who then had us evacuated to the quiet rural village of Saltaire to escape the Napoleonic War. The welcoming committee wanted to split us up, but we were lucky enough to be taken in by Mrs Myers, who was the only person in the village willing to take in non identical twins!

We normally sit on the central heating radiator, toasting ourselves, but at the moment we are accompanying Mrs Myers to Miriam Lord School, and have to sit on the floor in Year 5 as there is under floor heating and we need to keep warm!

Our hobbies are, playing on the Wii, I-Pod Touch, I-Pad, Flip Camera and Apple Mac Book we also enjoy Zumba dancing and Astrology programmes.

We hope you will follow our adventures and look forward to making lots of new friends.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Barry does Bollywood night

Wow! What an exciting week. Fair trade week, all kinds of interesting assemblies, making fair trade leaflets, shape work in maths, seeing our inpirational people videos that we made with Mrs Myers and tonight I was allowed out (Alan wasn't because he left Mrs Conway's classroom in a bit of a mess) to go to Bollywood night at our school.

Some people were really dressed up and looked great. There were stalls with jewellry, Mhendi, lovely food stalls with Pakoras, Rice and Samoosas. The music and lights were great and some people from Bradford College came and did some dancing for us to watch too.

Everyone had a lot of fun and there was a real buzz. I'm sorry I didn't take too many pictures of this but the Year 6 girls were so busy  dancing with me and showing me off to all their friends that I didn't get the chance!

Alan and Barry do FairTrade

Monday was the first day of Fair Trade week and 6JC went to the whole school assembly to find out what Fair trade was all about. It was very interesting as our visitor told us all about how farmers in some poor countries could get more money for their hard work through the Fair Trade system that has been set up. If we spend 60p on a chocolate bar the farmer normally gets 3p for all his hard work, hardly anything. If we buy Fair Trade chocolate instead, the farmer actually gets 17p. A massive difference. The chocolate costs the same amount of money so buying Fair Trade chocolate is probably the best thing to do and it doesnt cost us anymore. Yum. I like chocolate.

It was a really interesting assembly and the children told me that before the holidays Year 6 spent 2 days doing a Fair Trade project. They studied Fair Trade and played some role playing games, made some sock puppets, and learned about Fair Trade Cotton (they didn't know about this before, they only knew about foodstuff before). The best bit of all this was that they got to make a film about fairtrade using the sock puppets which they have entered into a competition. I wonder if they will win?

Barry and I got to see this film today in the Year6 assembly. It was very exciting and everyone who saw it thought it was really fabulous and we got to see all their puppets too.

I think I'm going to like it in Year6


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Alien Dave learns about Fair Trade

Well, it has been a very exciting day for Alien Dave. He was a bit too shy to come out and join in while the children were there, but he watched what they were doing from the top of the wardrobe (please don't tell Mr Harrison). This is what he has done today:

Hello everyone,

Today 3RO were learning all about Fairtrade and why it is fantastic. I watched some videos and learnt all about the faraway places that some of their human food comes from and why it is important to support hard working farmers. Mrs O'Hara thought that following a recipe would be a really good plan as the class are learning about instructions in literacy at the moment . She took me with her to Tesco (very early this morning) to buy some fairtrade cocoa, chocolate, bananas and sugar. This is a picture of me working out what ingredients we needed to make buns.

The children all worked really hard to measure out the ingredients carefully. Apparently this is very important...it is hard work this cooking malarky! The children were all rewarded with a Fairtrade feast in the afternoon and I was very jealous as it all smelled so good.

The thing is, I have done something very naughty, after the children left, I ate a lot of the tasty treats. (Mrs O'Hara did not bring me any Kit Kats today) I hope that the children will not be too cross with me. I am very sorry.

I have really enjoyed learning about Fairtrade (although I enjoyed eating all the tasty cooking even more!)

Bitsy has a busy day

Bitsy had a very busy morning today, working terribly hard in maths and having fun in the Key Stage 2 playground with her friends:

This morning's maths was really hard - the children had to investigate which nets made into cubes or open cubes. I had to use some polydron to help, but some children were really clever and could do it using their imagination or drawing the shapes onto paper. I'm usually quite good at shapes because I spin webs daily, but they aren't 3D. I'll have to persevere if I'm going to get better.

I really needed some fresh air after that and enjoyed playing out. The instruments area is my favourite - I like the sounds they make. It was nice to sit in the windowsill for a while for a rest before going back in for literacy.