Thursday, 3 March 2011

Alan and Barry do FairTrade

Monday was the first day of Fair Trade week and 6JC went to the whole school assembly to find out what Fair trade was all about. It was very interesting as our visitor told us all about how farmers in some poor countries could get more money for their hard work through the Fair Trade system that has been set up. If we spend 60p on a chocolate bar the farmer normally gets 3p for all his hard work, hardly anything. If we buy Fair Trade chocolate instead, the farmer actually gets 17p. A massive difference. The chocolate costs the same amount of money so buying Fair Trade chocolate is probably the best thing to do and it doesnt cost us anymore. Yum. I like chocolate.

It was a really interesting assembly and the children told me that before the holidays Year 6 spent 2 days doing a Fair Trade project. They studied Fair Trade and played some role playing games, made some sock puppets, and learned about Fair Trade Cotton (they didn't know about this before, they only knew about foodstuff before). The best bit of all this was that they got to make a film about fairtrade using the sock puppets which they have entered into a competition. I wonder if they will win?

Barry and I got to see this film today in the Year6 assembly. It was very exciting and everyone who saw it thought it was really fabulous and we got to see all their puppets too.

I think I'm going to like it in Year6



  1. Bitsy the spider4 March 2011 at 20:58

    I came to assembly too, but was too shy to come out as I didn't know anyone. I really enjoyed finding out about fair trade. I arrived in this country in a box of bananas at the local Morrisons supermarket. I nearly scared an old lady to death, but at least the farmer got a good price for his fruit.

  2. I think Alan and Barry and Bitsy learnt allot about fair-trade.

  3. What a great assembly for Barry & Bitsy to go to. I think the Fair Trade organisation is a marvellous idea. We buy Fair Trade items whenever we can!