Monday, 28 February 2011


My name is Bitsy, my friends call me ginger because of my orange fuzzy fur.
I'm a five legged spider - unusual I know. It all happened when I was a tiny little spiderling. I'll tell you about it sometime soon.
I live at the back of the dusty photocopier opposite the Year 6 classroom. There isn't much space, but it's nice and warm, especially during test week.
I love doing maths but find it difficult to count above five, however I'm very good at finding half of ten.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Alien Dave

This is Alien Dave. Dave is originally from Planet Omicron Persei 16 but has been a space traveller for an incredibly long time.

He arrived on Earth about a month ago, when his miniature spacecraft crashed in Great Horton. He had, up until last week, been hiding in Mrs O'Hara's dark and dank DVD cupboard. Dave was lured out of his hiding place by Mr and Mrs O'Hara using a variety of snacks (the most successful being an orange flavoured Kit Kat).

Alien Dave loves watching American crime dramas and one day hopes to be a forensic pathologist. He has decided to make Earth, and Bradford in particular, his permanent residence and hopes to meet lots more interesting people when he comes to visit Miriam Lord Community Primary School.

Dave heard from Mrs O'Hara that her class love to dance. He is hoping to take part in 3RO's Just Dance competition so he has been practising hard to improve his skills.

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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Audience and Purpose

Miriam Lord Zoo is designed to give pupils a purpose for writing and a real audience to share their work. Class pets will blog about their adventures in the classroom and beyond and classes/schools will be able to comment on what's been happening and give constructive feedback.

The Rules.
Be polite. Whatever is written can be viewed by the world at large.
If you are a pupil who wants to comment on a post remember the e-safety rules and only use your first name.
Photos of pupils can only be posted where there is parental permission and never share your personal information (like your address).

Mrs Conway will moderate (this means check) all comments made on the blog to make doubly sure that everyone is safe and so it might take a little while for your comment to appear on the blog. Don't worry and wonder what's happening if you don't see it appear instantly.

Most importantly have fun! Happy blogging!

Alan the Tyrannasaurus Rex

Alan, who is a Tyrannasaurus Rex, was born in Bradford 65 million years ago. He has many interesting hobbies such as playing the piano (all Abba's greatest hits), watching history and wildlife programmes on the TV and having outdoor adventures. He has no other family left in Bradford and hasn't seen any since the day a massive meteorite collided with the Earth and caused the years of darkness and ash clouds. Don't feel sorry for him though, he isn't lonely and enjoys meeting new people and socialising with his many friends.

Alan loves Miriam Lord community primary school in Manningham as he says the people there are really friendly and have a lot of fun. He especially likes it when Mrs Conways lets him wear her treasured funky glasses collection and is really hoping that 6JC win the 100% attendance trophy soon  so that he can wear the prized pair of flashing rainbow glasses.

Barry the Orangatang

Barry is a Londoner. Mrs Conway found him one day on Shaftsbury Avenue and he explained that he was looking for a different life. Tired of the bright lights and the big smoke, he wanted to see something new and live a little.

Mrs Conway asked if he would like to come and live in Bradford, where the sun shines relentlessly and every day is a fun day. Unsurprisingly, he jumped at the chance!

Barry, who is an adolescent Orangatang, says he enjoys listening to music and can often be found listening to his ipod. He has no family in the UK so is hoping to make a lot of new friends on his big adventure.