Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Barry helping us in science

In 6JC Barry our class pet helped a student in timekeeping. On 7th of March we had a lesson on dissolving.

Barry helped us stir and measure of how much solids and liquids to put in each cup also in each beaker. He was a great help to the group. We had 8 different sorts of solids to test such as: sand and sugar. Barry was an accurate measurer but he didn’t like wearing the name tag. He didn’t like the smell of the cups, especially the cup with gravy granules and water. He was very happy to work with us. We had to write observations, Barry’s observations were very good.

By Sameer and Iqra


  1. I saw Bazza collaborating well with his group. He also told me he'd seen lots of team work going on around the classroom.

    When I saw his work, I especially liked the way he used his prediction and his observations to write the conclusion for his investigation.

    I think Bazza worked well in science.
    What do you think?

  2. Fatimah 5mb

    Hi barry i know you have learnt a new muscle that miriam lord community primary school have been using in lessons that is the collaborating muscle.

  3. Fatimah 5mb

    hi barry i know you have learnt what year 6 are doing because there is a picture of you helping the students to stir, measure, of how much solids and liquids to put in each cup and each beaker.

  4. It looks like Barry,who is an orangatang, is having alot of fun learning about how to separate materials in science.

  5. Hi barry i know you have been calloborating with group five and looking in science about dissolving.

  6. Barry was helping me,Sameer,Haashim,Iqra,Tayab and abbas, to seperate all different kind of metairal's.We all had fun working with Barry.

  7. I think Barry was working very well with group 5.