Saturday, 26 March 2011

Alan's big tree planting adventure

Last week Alan went with the school council to our new grounds on Drummond Road to plant some trees. It was a very exciting adventure as he hadn't walked through Manningham before. Unfortunately his little legs couldn't keep up with those Year 6's but don't panic, those school councillors noticed this right away and gave him his first ever ride in a wheelbarrow!

The first trees have now been planted on the site and everyone is very excited about how the site is going to develop. Alan said that it was a very productive afternoon and he was very pleased to have been invited to take part.

Although Alan got to go and visit the site and help out, apparently Ron the Rooster was actually involved in designing the project site find out more by clicking here

Planting trees on the Drummond Road site on PhotoPeach


  1. How long will it take for those trees to grow as tall as a person? I wonder how we can find out?

  2. WOW!!!Alan had his first ride on a wheelbarrow.Did you enjoy it Alan?

  3. Well actually Sameer, now that you mention it, I've been walking with a limp all weekend. Those paths were a little bumpy and the twigs kept poking me about. I'm over 65 million years old you know but thought it would be a little rude to ask for a comfy cushion when the children were so kind to offer me a lift. It was fun though!

  4. Alan did you like to make a tree.

  5. I thought I'd left a comment but can't see it so....I think it will be wonderful when you are as old as me & come back to see huge mature trees that YOU planted!