Friday, 25 March 2011

Governors' day in school.

On Thursday 24th March 2011, we had a Governors' day in school.
Lots of Governors came in and spent the day looking around school, helping in the classrooms and meeting the staff, children and pets.
Bitsy met the Chair of Governors, Mr Adam Getliff, and parent Governor, Mr Yawer Ahmed.

I really liked Mr Getliff. I sat on his knee during lunch and had a little nibble of the lovely sandwiches and cakes in the staffroom. Mr Ahmed was just coming into school after looking at our new playground equipment in Key Stage 2 two. He was really nice too.
He came into year 6 in the afternoon while we were doing art. I really hope they will come again soon!


  1. WOW!!!Bitsy you had sandwiches and cakes in the staffroom. I hope you enjoyed eating them. Were Alan,Barry or Count Arthur there,if they were say hi to them from me

  2. I'm a governor & think this is such a good idea. I will ask my headteacher if we can do something like this! I do hope you behaved Bitsy!

  3. Mr Getliff is such a nice man Bitsy, though I am a little surprised he let you share his sandwiches. Ron is always trying to eat mine and he has no chance. It was great to see our Governors, won't be long I don't think until there next visit.