Saturday, 26 March 2011

Alan & Susie visit the Artist's workshop

Alan and Susie heard about an artist's workshop going on in the group room on Thursday and sneaked out of the morning lessons to spend time with the artist and the school councillors.

Alan and Susie visit the artist's workshop on PhotoPeach

I wonder if one of the school councillors could let us know what was happening at the workshop and leave us some comments?


  1. What art project are you working on? Where will it go? Who is the artist anyway?

  2. Did you enjoy the art workshop school Councillors?

  3. Hello Allan and suzie,were you having fun at the art workshop.

  4. Ron the Rooster28 March 2011 at 18:08

    I have speaking to the school councillors about this and they told me it was a project to have our school motto 'Where you future begins...' on the wall by the Key Stage Two stairs. I think they are using recyclable materials, hopefully one of them will comment and we can find out.

  5. I'm glad they had a good time but will they have to do the work they missed for homework?