Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Miriam Lord Zoo article

We were very excited to see our little zoo featured in this term's issue of Learn magazine this week. Especially the fab picture of the pets. Mr Harrison told everyone about the impact that has been made with our blogging projects and the use of twitter in school.

Read what was said about us on page 16/17 here

Don't Count Arthur, Barry and Alan look proud of their achievements.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Jamal met the Lord Mayor!

On Mega Music Day Jamal was honoured and very lucky to meet the Lord Mayor of Bradford. He especially loves the Mayor's shiny, gold chain.

Jamal enjoying his lunch at Mega Music Day

Jamal was the luckiest pet in the universe as he shared a extremely healthy packed lunch. Then met Barney Harwood from cbbc.

Jamals trip to mega music day!

Here is Jamal enjoying his day out at the Mega Music Festival. He was amazed at the size he of the Valley Parade football ground. He sang his camel heart out joining in with'We will rock you' and 'We are the champions'

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Barry does "Games Based Learning"

Year 6 were very excited to have Mr Bleazard from Challenge CLC visit just before the holidays. He came along to show us how to use games based learning to use and apply our maths skills. We knew a little bit about probabiltity beforehand but we got to use this skill in the computer games that we made/played using Kodu. Kodu is a new visual programming language made specifically for creating games. It was very exciting and we found out that we can download this software ourselves at home as it is free from Microsoft so lots of us decided we would do that.

Mrs Conway said that I was a very good orangatang as I went round all the groups making sure that they were OK and I kept an eye out for pupils using their learning muscles, I saw most pupils collaborating on their games, lots of perseverence as everyone got to grips with the software (that means they didn't give up even though it was a bit hard) and some excellent questionning.

Check it  out for yourself here 

Count Arthur plays rounders

Count Arthur has been learning how to play rounders in Year 6. He was very excited about this and it took a little bit of time to work out the rules so at first he just sat on the edge watching with Humera, who was keeping the score on her whiteboard, but the excitement was just too much for him and he was soon joining in. His arms arent long enough to have a turn at bowling but when he grows up to be a big llama he would like to try.

After much observation, Count Arthur would like to share some top tips....

1. Keep your eye on the ball
2. If you are on a base, make sure you are a really good catcher
3. Talk to your team mates, batters need to call out to others already on bases, fielders should call if they are going to catch the ball or at who they would like to throw to
4. Keep your best fielder on fourth base to stump the base and prevent the other team from getting a rounder.
5. No bad sportsmanship, referees decision is final