Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Another Busy Day for Alan

Alan has enjoyed yet another busy day in and around Skipton. This morning, he accompanied Mrs Stones to the hairdressers and couldn't get wait to get his paws on the equipment there. As you can see he watched with interest and also took the opportunity to check himself out in the mirror too!!!

Here is Alan sharing a "99" (I wish that's how much they cost!) - that's a cone, vanilla ice-cream and a chocolate flake. It had to be eaten quickly, I wonder if anybody can explain why?

Alan and Mrs Stones are having so much fun, they hope you are all having a great holiday too and that the sun keeps on shining!


  1. I am pleased to see that Alan made an effort with his appearance when he went out this morning and is still wearing his tie.

  2. How lovely that we are going to share the pets holiday adventures! He does look smart doesn't he?!