Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Alan's Busy Afternoon in the Garden

What a glorious afternoon we've had today (yesterday was not up to much) and Alan jumped at the chance of getting out in the sunshine and helping out in the garden. First, all the weeds had to be dug out of the garden, this took some time and Mrs Stones was very grateful to have Alan to help her. We have had a very dry couple of weeks, so next Alan lent a paw watering the thirsty plants.

After Alan had finished the gardening, he had time to admire the plants that are in full bloom. I wonder if anybody out there knows what Alan is looking at here?

Here, Alan is looking at some strawberry plants that have just started to grow again after winter. Mrs Stones has been advised to put broken eggshells around the plants, can anybody work out why?
She would also really appreciate any handy hints to help these strawberry plants grow really well, as she is looking forward to enjoying some juicy strawberries later in the year.


  1. Where is Alan? I need him in my garden because it is full of weeds & needs tidying up!

  2. I hope Alan was wearing some sunscreen when he did his gardening. The weather has been so fab and unfortunately Mrs Conway forgot to do this when she did her garden and got a little (well, a lot) sunburned.

    I will see if some of the Year 6 pupils can find out some gardening facts for you.

  3. Fatimah Ali 6jc

    Alan do these flowers have an aroma...