Saturday, 23 April 2011

Alan's on the hunt for Easter Eggs

On Friday, Alan, Mrs Stones and her family visited Bolton Abbey. Bolton Abbey is on the banks of the River Wharfe and is in the Yorkshire Dales. It is a very popular place to visit. There were hundreds of visitors on Friday but we were still lucky enough to find a parking space.

Here is Alan sitting on the shoulder of the Easter rabbit ready to start the Easter egg trail around Bolton Abbey. It involved Alan walking along the trail and looking out for Easter egg clues. We had to count how many eggs we saw on the trail. Some of the eggs also had letters on them which we had to collect. All the letters were jumbled but would spell out a phrase when they were re-arranged, this is called an anagram.

Yipee! Alan has spotted an egg. Unfortunately this did not have a letter on it, so it did not help us with the anagram.

When all the letters had been collected on the trail, Alan had to concentrate to work out what the letters spelt.

Here are the letters, can anybody else work them out?

The first word had 6 letters - WLOYEL and the second word had 9 letters - FDIAFSODL

After all the hard work, Alan found time to enjoy the sunshine and have a game of frisbee. As you can see, he's super at catching!!

Here is Alan finally relaxing in the sunshine and looking pretty cool aswell. He really enjoyed taking part in the Easter egg hunt because he was brilliant at spotting the eggs and liked stretching his Learning Muscles when solving the anagram.

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays too!!!


  1. Not sure if you got my last comment. I said a thank you to Mrs Stones for taking Alan out &hoped he hadn't eaten too many eggs!

  2. Wow, what a fun day Alan has had. I wonder if anyone else went on an Easter egg hunt

  3. I hope you hunted enough easter eggs to share with your class mates.

  4. I bet you catched the most easter eggs to share with your friends after all you are very clever at identifying things.

  5. In the end Alan looks like a cool dude and gets relaxed under the sun.