Monday, 18 April 2011

Alan's Library Visit

Alan was very excited to visit the library in Skipton today. He was delighted to see so many lovely books and spent some time deciding what he'd like to borrow. That's what's so brilliant about libraries - you can borrow books, enjoying reading them and then take them back and choose some more!!

His choice of book perhaps wasn't such a surprise after all...................................


  1. Well done Alan for choosing such a great book. I love to visit libraries. They have lots of other interesting things in them as well as books but books are my favourite!

  2. Alan is very good at stomping, I should know! It's very quiet in my classroom without him! How long do you get to take a book out for anyway?

  3. What a good question Year 6. Alan has to return the library books by the 9th May, giving him plenty of time to enjoy his choices. What was most exciting was that we used a self scanning machine to borrow the books, meaning there was no need to queue up at the desk!!!

  4. Hi it is very nice to know that you like reading
    books mafter all they do keep you entertained