Saturday, 26 February 2011

Barry the Orangatang

Barry is a Londoner. Mrs Conway found him one day on Shaftsbury Avenue and he explained that he was looking for a different life. Tired of the bright lights and the big smoke, he wanted to see something new and live a little.

Mrs Conway asked if he would like to come and live in Bradford, where the sun shines relentlessly and every day is a fun day. Unsurprisingly, he jumped at the chance!

Barry, who is an adolescent Orangatang, says he enjoys listening to music and can often be found listening to his ipod. He has no family in the UK so is hoping to make a lot of new friends on his big adventure.


  1. Barry a.k.a. Bazza26 February 2011 at 19:19

    I like to be called Bazza by my friends Mrs C.

  2. Laura :-) Christchurch, New Zealand2 March 2011 at 01:47

    Hi Bazza, I think I met one of your relatives when I was travelling through Mongolia. Check out the link to see a picture of him at the Ger Camp:

  3. miriamdoyle@btinternet.com2 March 2011 at 14:15

    What music does Barry like to listen to on his ipod?
    The Arctic Monkeys maybe?!

  4. Hi Miriam,

    How did you know! I like a wide range of different music, as you can see in the picture i am listening to Elbow but my retro favourites are Bananarama and the Monkees.

    Thanks for you comments!

    Remember a banana a day keeps the doctor away

  5. I heard Bazza whistling 'Ooo Ooo Ooo! The Funky Gibbon' by The Goodies, whilst playing in the playground, so I imagine that's on his ipod too.

  6. Hi Bazza, are you related to the more common Orangutans?

  7. i like your hair every nice

  8. I quite agree Aisha. I think Bazza's hair looks extremely slick because he brushes it so much to keep it out of his ears.

    This means he can be a good listener in class when he's learning. What do you think?

  9. yes misss he can be a good listener like that and can get his work done

  10. Sean from St Walburgas24 March 2011 at 19:32

    Barry! Did you ask for my ipod or not? You must be the reason it went out of charge!

  11. Sorry Sean, what a pesky Orangatang he is! I don't think he did ask permission :-(
    I will have a word with him when I get back to school.

  12. But it is alright now that ive uploaded it.....NO ELBOW!! :D