Sunday, 27 February 2011

Alien Dave

This is Alien Dave. Dave is originally from Planet Omicron Persei 16 but has been a space traveller for an incredibly long time.

He arrived on Earth about a month ago, when his miniature spacecraft crashed in Great Horton. He had, up until last week, been hiding in Mrs O'Hara's dark and dank DVD cupboard. Dave was lured out of his hiding place by Mr and Mrs O'Hara using a variety of snacks (the most successful being an orange flavoured Kit Kat).

Alien Dave loves watching American crime dramas and one day hopes to be a forensic pathologist. He has decided to make Earth, and Bradford in particular, his permanent residence and hopes to meet lots more interesting people when he comes to visit Miriam Lord Community Primary School.

Dave heard from Mrs O'Hara that her class love to dance. He is hoping to take part in 3RO's Just Dance competition so he has been practising hard to improve his skills.


  1. Hi Dave,

    I live at 6JC and I like music and dancing too. Maybe we could have a Just Dance-athon in school sometime as I'm sure 6JC would like some SATs relief.

  2. Hello Alien Dave I really like the picture of you on the screen you look smart and intelligant I like the bit when you said that you like to eat the choclate kit-kat.

  3. Hi Dave! Great to meet you. I love dancing too so maybe we could meet up!

  4. Alan and jfb57, I would love to have a dance with you both. I have got some practising to do though, 3RO are very good at dancing and my tentacles keep getting in the way.

    Thank you for being so nice Harooj, I'm glad you think I look intelligent. Clearly you are also a very clever person to have spotted this!

  5. Hi Alien Dave, do you fancy being my partner at the Zumba dancing on Tuesday?