Saturday, 15 October 2011

Alan does the Drummond Road community consultation

Alan was a very happy pet today. Normally, on a weekend, Alan tidies the classroom and enjoys the peace and quiet after a hectic week. However today there was much excitement. Miriam Lord was hosting a community consultation for the new Drummond Road site that it has acquired.

The whole community was invited to visit the school and the site on Drummond Road. There were lots of visitors and fun activities going on throughout. As the year 6 team were running the Human Fruit machine stall Alan came downstairs to join in with the fun and excitement.

He was particularly impressed with the Year 3 stall, which sold biscuits made by the Year 3 pupils earlier in the week, and said they were a very tasty treat. Alan was unsuccessful on the tombola that Year 2 provided and was rather hoping to win the yellow spiky hedgehog :( . Year 1 were raising money for Marie Curie and provided a fun activity of planting your own daffodil bulb.

However, being biased, after all Alan is a Year 6 dinosaur, he thought the human fruit machine provided the most fun and he was lucky enough to win a chocolate bar.


  1. Goodness me - a new project! how exciting. I do believe that Allan is the luckiest dinosaur I know at the moment. I do agree with him - the human fruit machine was by far the best!

    Mrs Skinner

  2. Keep pulling Alan and you might win another prize!

  3. sounds like Alan had a great day , he probably after the fair he probably ate all the chocolates

  4. Haleemah, Amaan and Usman year 631 October 2011 at 13:42

    Haleemah, Amaan and Usman year 6

    well looks like Alan had a good day i hope the cookies tasted nice because they looked great.

  5. Tahibah 6JC

    Hello Alan! did you have a nice time at the fair?

  6. Tahibah

    Hello Alan i wish you win another prize you have been very good!

  7. Sound like alan had a wonderfull , great and exciting time at the fair