Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Barrys spectacular holidays!

In the Easter holidays Barry came with a student in year 6. Barry went to the fairs, on all of the scary rides such as: Terminator 3,Cage Rage,Crazy Bounce,Bumper Cars and the Ghost Train.Cage Rage and the Ghost Train were the scariest rides that he had ever been on.When we went on the Ghost Train there was an old lady, who was sitting on a chair,rocking back and forth and her head was chopped off and was on the floor.Furthermore about Cage Rage it tilted to the side and span round and round for at least a good 5-10 minuites.The following week we took a little trip to Birmingham and we had great fun there. Barry came with us. As a treat me,my family members and barry all went to Pizzah hut.The day after that we also went to Star City where there are lots of rides, Cinema, Cafe and a Bowling Center.Barry had a great time and I hope we can meet again for the following holidays.


  1. Goodness! I think Barry needs to let one of the other pets go next time otherwise he will become VERY spoilt! He certainly had a wonderful time!

  2. barry is sooooooo cute

  3. Noor imran 6jc

    Hey Barry it sounds like you had a great time during the easter holidays.